Loose tea favourites for PCOS

I often get bored drinking of water all day and like to switch it up with different flavours. That’s why I’m so thankful for tea!! Even in times when I’m craving something sweet I’m often able to still this craving with some liquorice tea for example. For every mood I have a different flavour tea, all with huge health benefits! I prefer loose tea over bags so I can play around with different combinations. Also I find it much tastier and stronger.

As I kid I grew up without soda’s and sweet drinks and we always just had water and milk in the house. When friends came over I was always embarrassed that we didn’t have any sweet drinks to serve.  When I would go over to my friends I would use that chance and drink cokes and Ice tea’s. Now that I’m older I’m so thankful that I grew up without these sugary drinks and that it isn’t in my system to drink sugar through-out the day. I can imagine that once it’s a habit to do so, it’s hard to stop. Especially with sugar being so addicting!

With these simple and delicious tea combinations I hope  to encourage you to make a big pot of tea in stead grabbing for that diet-coke.

Liquorice and lavender

For relaxing evenings

I think this is probably my favourite combination because of the sweetness of the liquorice and the subtle taste of the unexpected lavender. I love this tea as a dessert. And with the lavender in it, it makes me totally relaxed!

Liquorice is a herb I use a lot for making tea’s with! It has been touted for its anti-androgen properties. It is also known to balance blood sugar levels as well as improving insulin sensitivity. 

Peppermint tea

To energise and neutralize

In the Netherlands it’s pretty hard to get peppermint tea, so I often end up mixing up different kinds of mints! This always gives me an energising boost during the day when needed 😉

Different studies have shown that drinking peppermint tea lowers your testosterone levels and neutralises hormones. It also is a natural treatment for hirsutism with PCOS. 

Chamomile and orange

To warm up from the inside

One of the biggest causes for PCOS is stress. I find Chamomile always makes me very relaxed. Besides that is really warmes me up, literarily but also lovingly. This calms me ultimately. The orange is an extra and surprising spice on the tastebuds. So yummy!

Green tea and lemon

Refresh and hydrate! 

I often start my day with this tea or drink it during the day. I get really thirsty in the morning and during work and the flavours of this mixture are super refreshing. Usually I add an extra slice of fresh lemon just of for that extra refreshment but it’s just as good with dried lemon!

Lemon works as a great anti-oxidant, especially in combination with green tea. Green tea stimulates your metabolism, drinking this will activate your body to burn fat! 


Which loose tea combinations are your favourites? Do you have any that are not included in the list? Feel free to share!

I always enjoy my tea’s with some baked goods. Have you tried these blueberry muffins yet?

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