My morning routine with PCOS

Before knowing I was insuline resistent I always started my day with black tea, honey and milk. Who knew I started my day so unhealthy? Now I know better. Now I know how much my sugar levels were risen by that honey and starting my day with caffeine activated that cortison (stress hormone). And then I haven’t even started talking about the milk and the hormones..

The morning is such an important moment to take good care of our bodies. After a day full of stress, breathing in air with toxins and just by eating food, our body is super busy with cleaning its self. Your body, organs are constantly busy with flushing it all through. By drinking water, sweating, eating clean food, you already help and you’ll notice a difference.

In the morning your body has been recovering for at least 8 hours, but mainly cleaning out your whole system.  That’s why it’s so important how you start your day. To help with that last bit of detox and make it easier for your body the rest of day. This way you have a clean and healthy base to start your day with!


You might think that in the morning you’re the most relaxed. But think again! It’s such a big shock for your body when that alarm clock goes off. You startle your whole system, followed by morning hurry and stress. After your mind being in a deeper level (world!), you can imagine how big a shock it is when you wake up and you think of all the things you have to do before you leave the house. Not mentioning the physical part of running around to get on time. I always make sure I have plenty of time to wake up, get dressed, get ready. Get my body and mind at one level before  I start the day. Makes a huge difference!

Oil pulling

The first thing I do is start oil-pulling. I was very sceptical about this at first, the thought of rinsing my mouth with oil didn’t appeal to me at all. But actually after doing it for just a short period I really couldn’t do without anymore. It’s an Ayurvedic tradition where they believe that this way you rinse all the toxins out of your mouth. I prefer un-roasted sesame oil, since this doesn’t taste like anything. Make sure to always use an organic kind and double check it’s cold-pressed. If you want to read more about this method I can recommend this article!

Green Tea

In the morning I always feel that my body needs fluids. Pretty obvious, since you haven’t had anything to drink for at least 8 hours. I always start with 500 ml of luke warm green tea. During the night your body has been at a certain temperature and drinking cold water is a total shock for your intestines after being warmed up! I choose green tea as a stimulator to burn fat during the day but also because it tastes fresh.

Work-out on an empty stomach

After I’ve woken up a little I love to do morning workouts. Especially an intensive yoga class or a long run. I think sweating in the morning stimulates the natural detox even more in the morning. I usually train on an empty stomach, since this way my insuline lowers and then I burn fat. Without it being low enough I’ll stay in the sugar burning zone, which is not what I want since I want to lose weight!

A cold shower

As much as I enjoy my relaxing showers in the evening before bed I also really enjoy my shower in the morning. I always end it by turning it cold all the way! This way it gets my blood circulation pumping. Proven by studies, you burn extra fat, you’re healthier and you have extra energy through out the day!

After this I always get ready for my day, usually followed by a smoothie and taking in my supplements.

Do you also have a morning routine? And do you have any tips for us with PCOS?



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