#1. Me, living with PCOS

Every Sunday I want to share how my week has been with you. I’m just a person, like you, who makes mistakes. Who maybe has had a really good week or a really shitty week. I want to share the things that I’ve been having trouble with, dealing with PCOS. Or the things that have been going really well. I think it will work as a motivation to know these things about others and the difficulties that we keep on running into and sharing these with each other. Knowing we’re not alone in this! I hope to inspire you, support you and the other way around!

Getting back on track

This last month I’ve had a hard time getting back on track again. I went to Berlin for a few days where I didn’t want to think about a diet which was really nice. But when I came back I just couldn’t get back in my old habits. I kept on snacking and was craving everything that was unhealthy.

I had gotten my period again one month before and was so happy. It had taken my body one year after stopping with the birth control to get me ovulating again. After feeling so happy about this I was pretty bummed when I didn’t get my period again this month.. This was a sign for me and the last push: start getting back on track again! Help your body out.

It’s all about the routine

Another element that didn’t help was that I was kind of in between jobs these past few weeks. I didn’t have a routine or a schedule. One thing that I’ve noticed I have to have to keep up on track, otherwise I just can’t find the motivation.

For example, in my usual routine I work out everyday. Even a yoga yin class  I call a workout, or a long walk in the park. Once I’ve skipped a couple of days without working out I find it so hard to start again. I just keep on going in this down-ward spiral. But when I start doing it everyday again, I just do it. Without thinking about it.

When I’m so busy I notice it helps me to make a schedule for myself. I’ll look at my upcoming week and plan when I’m going to workout and what kind of work-out. This is the same for my meals. I’ll make a meal-plan for one week. This way I don’t have to think about what I’m going to eat for dinner for that day, or if I still have enough food at home for breakfast.

Having enough healthy food, that I’ve prepared before hand, prevents me of snacking on unhealthy food.  This way when I’m hungry I’ll eat my delicious big salad that fills me really good instead of eating unhealthy foods that I buy on the way.

I’m curious, am I the only one who experiences this? Needing a routine to follow, otherwise just finding yourself going into a down-wards spiral? And what do you do to get yourself back on track again? 




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