Why vegan?

You might already be eating vegan or maybe you want to eat vegan more often and you’re still warming up to the idea. Or maybe you’re reading this and wondering: ‘give me one good reason to go vegan, cause I don’t have any’.

First off, if you’re new to this then start slowly. Every change in your eating pattern will make a huge influence, even such a small choice as choosing lentils over your meat tonight for dinner. Just go slow, warm up to the idea and see how it goes. Don’t put to much pressure on it, if you don’t do it 100% it doesn’t matter. Even 20% will be a change. And always keep on listening to your body, I bet you’ll notice huge differences in no time!

My path to the vegan lifestyle

Before knowing I had PCOS I was eating vegan for about 1 year. I had started eating vegetarian, only for a short period cause I quickly decided I wanted to live completely animal cruelty free. For me that was the biggest reason, for the animals and our planet. I didn’t realise how much damage I was bringing to the earth by eating how I used to.

I never could of dreamed of becoming a vegan, even if you would of asked me 3 years ago! Chicken, eggs, cheese, I loved all of it so much. How could I live without? After just giving it a try I realised how much easier it was than I expected. I quickly adapted and had changed all my old habits.   I started eating more veggies and fruit, made small changes like eating coconut yoghurt instead of normal yoghurt. Ate hummus on my bread instead of cheese. Sounds pretty easy right?

The health benefits I started noticing

As I said earlier my intention to go vegan was not my health. At first I didn’t even believe it was healthier. How could you get enough protein with a plantbased diet? Was my bigger concern. It was when I started noticing huge differences in my body, I was convinced. I had never felt healthier before.

  • I was having trouble with acne and suddenly my skin was so much calmer.
  • My hair and nails got stronger, they suddenly grew!
  • My stomach felt much more at peace. I wasn’t bloated at all anymore.
  • My digestion was just a dream come true.
  • ENERGY! I had energy through out the whole day. I always experienced huge after-meal dips, these were totally gone!
  • I kept on losing weight, gradually, escpecially around my abdomen.

PCOS and eating vegan

When I found out I had PCOS and after researching about the diet you’re supposed to follow I was unsure about staying vegan. With PCOS I suddenly wasn’t aloud to eat soy, gluten, types of fruits and veggies and much more. I was consuming quite a lot of carbs, now I had to scratch that. But what was I then supposed to eat?

I started researching again. All the books, sites and blogs on PCOS recommend no carbs, no sugar, no lactose but huge amounts of fish, meat, eggs etc. I was astonished of the unhealthy recipes people were suggesting. With PCOS the best thing to do is to eat PURE products. To get the inflammation on the inside under control again. But why are people suggesting sausage’s for breakfast and salmon for dinner? Aren’t we supposed to eat as little processed food as possible? All animal products are loaded with hormones. Farms and factories manufacture these products, to taste better, make more amounts and many more reasons. All living creatures have hormones, by eating them you’ll just upset your own hormones more. And that’s exactly not what we want for our PCOS, right?

Living with PCOS-the vegan way is all about showing you how easy it is to eat vegan and that this is the way eat PURE! By eating real, fresh, green foods you’ll start feeling fresh and healthy from the inside. I’ll be sharing all of my small tricks to adapt in your daily routine. The recipes will be easy, fun and delicious! For your tastebuds and your body.





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