The main message

Welcome to a new beginning, for me and hopefully for you. This site is a platform where I hope to inspire each other,  woman to woman. I hope to inspire you in sharing my- and your stories, helping you with tips and tricks andsharing recipes.

Maybe you feel alone in you’re PCOS journey, I know I definitely felt that way. Hopefully now you know you’re not!
Or maybe you’ve been living with PCOS for a while but you just need new inspiration? We all have our own reason for being here. But either way you are here and we all want the same. We want to be healthy and happy again.

This site is based on a whole, plantbased lifestyle. I myself follow a diet that is sugar free, gluten free, lactose free but also animal free. I believe that this is the best way to live for the planet, the animals but also for our body. Especially for balancing out our hormones.

Besides recipes based on a vegan diet that I will share I also have learnt lots of tricks in balancing out our hormones. I’ll share these tips and tricks, but feel free to message me with your own so we can help each other!

Lets stand besides each other, woman to woman, as a big circle. Lets reach out to each other, showing you’re not alone in this. Let’s nourish our bodies with REAL food and try and make our body, mind and soul as healthy possible.

Start with your journey now, by my side, as so many woman out there are doing right now, individually. Let’s start being healthy and happy, together.





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