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Steady insuline- Detox

This 1 day juice detox will provide the same results as others, but WITHOUT disturbing our hormones! The juices are made with fruit but also healthy fats and veggies to keep the sugars in a lower level. Besides that you’ll also notice that this detox contains a bit more calories, to prevent the stress hormone of over-activating. This way it’s also much less of a shock for your body, still with the same results! 

My morning routine with PCOS

The morning is such an important moment to take good care of our bodies. After a day full of stress, breathing in air with toxins and just by eating food, our body is super busy with cleaning its self. Your body, organs are constantly busy with flushing it all through. By drinking water, sweating, eating clean food, you already help and you’ll notice a difference. 
Except for my morning routine I also share my tricks and health benefits of them. A good morning is crucial for us with PCOS or a hormonal disbalance!