Why vegan?

You might already be eating vegan or maybe you want to eat vegan more often and you’re still warming up to the idea. Or maybe you’re reading this and wondering: ‘ give me one good reason to go vegan, cause I don’t have any’…
Go ahead, read this!


Loose tea favourites for PCOS

I often get bored of drinking water all day and like to switch it up with different flavours. That’s why I’m so thankful for tea! With every mood I have a different flavour tea, all with huge health benefits! With these simple and delicious tea combinations I hope  to encourage you to make a big pot of tea in stead grabbing for that diet-coke.

Steady insuline- Detox

This 1 day juice detox will provide the same results as others, but WITHOUT disturbing our hormones! The juices are made with fruit but also healthy fats and veggies to keep the sugars in a lower level. Besides that you’ll also notice that this detox contains a bit more calories, to prevent the stress hormone of over-activating. This way it’s also much less of a shock for your body, still with the same results! 

Black bean & mushroom burgers

They’re made with black beans, sweet potato, mushrooms and almond flour. The sauce is spicy and creamy which is made out of cashews and chili-saus. Uhm hello new favorite meal? The best thing is yet to come. Besides that they taste amazing and unhealthy, they’re HEALTHY! And they’re perfect if you’re craving something fatty and delicious…

My morning routine with PCOS

The morning is such an important moment to take good care of our bodies. After a day full of stress, breathing in air with toxins and just by eating food, our body is super busy with cleaning its self. Your body, organs are constantly busy with flushing it all through. By drinking water, sweating, eating clean food, you already help and you’ll notice a difference. 
Except for my morning routine I also share my tricks and health benefits of them. A good morning is crucial for us with PCOS or a hormonal disbalance!

Blueberry muffins

I just love blueberries. And did you know that blueberries are super healthy for us? These muffins are made with almond flour, totally gluten free and with my baking trick you won’t need eggs anymore to make it fluffy! They’re sweetened with bananas and maple syrup. Easy to freeze and take along or to eat fresh and warm!